Sprinkle & Co. Architects
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We are a small firm that thinks in a big way. Our clients appreciate how we bend the rules in terms of defining where architecture begins and ends. We put equal emphasis on architecture, interiors, landscaping, furniture design and environmental graphics. In addition, we possess excellent listening skills which play an important role in translating our clients dreams into reality.
In an era where a sense of place is increasingly elusive, defining place is essential. At Sprinkle & Co. this fundamental role of architecture is the driving force of our practice. Our architectural solutions are informed by the interdisciplinary field itself, encouraging us to further cross disciplines ñ science, art, popular culture, philosophy ñ in collaborative engagements resulting in unique architectural solutions. We combine minimalist compositions with an inventive use of materials creating purposefully anti-heroic constructions.We are committed to and inspired by the contribution architecture can make to environmental and social sustainability. The appropriate use of technology and economy is as important as the siting and design of our productions. Sprinkle & Co. is keenly aware of the significant role of the architect as community builder and the responsibility that position demands.

Left: Cypress Campus Center at Northwest Vista College Campus, featured in Texas Architect, Jan/Feb 2011

Gray Line