Jenga Tower is meant to break the tradition of urban design interventions in downtown San Antonio. An underutilized urban square will be activated by this new observation tower. Its primary function will be to act as a landmark to help pedestrians navigate through this part of downtown and will help to create a “place” where there currently is none.   People will experience Jenga close up by first taking the elevator to the observation deck and then by descending the M.C. Escher like open staircase that engages with various outdoor rooms along the towers height. Each of these rooms will be created by artists, musicians, scientists and writers with the intent of creating a multi-media and multi-sensory experience. The park will be designed to allow for a mix of simultaneous uses including a lawn for watching movies projected on one side of Jenga. A small existing stone pavilion will be integrated so that it acts as a foil for the new tower. Jenga is meant to ignite the imagination by encouraging the overlapping of experiences in a dynamic vertical environment.