nyc aids memorial park

Our AIDS Memorial rises 45 feet into the skyline of New York City floating above the community friendly park below. Highly visible, the Pink Triangle will also have a strong street presence, drawing the community to the iconic symbol of AIDS awareness. It is meant to be uplifting, light, and fun, and to create a thoughtful, spiritual homage to those personally touched by our struggle to conquer AIDS.

The park is designed in an Olmstead like naturalistic style. Crushed granite paving, large boulders, wildscape plantings, and dense tree coverage comprise the main elements of the park. Benches carved from the natural rock create a series of spaces for conversation and contemplation. The densely planted and bermed street edges protect the park patrons from the street. The edge of the park along Greenwich Avenue opens physically and metaphorically to the heart of Greenwich Village. Sidewalks on all three sides of the park contain smaller planting areas and boulders, helping to weave the park into its surrounding urban fabric.

Visitors enter the museum along 7th Ave, queuing outdoors without disturbing the tranquil park. The glass box lobby contains an over-sized glass elevator - the primary entry and exit for museum patrons. Iconic images of those who have perish from AIDS, as well as words written by caregivers and friends, etch the surrounding lobby walls.